| Top List Strats and Tips for Noobs | Top List Strats and Tips for Noobs

1. Get to the center: it’s the place where all the awesome is

2. Try to cut big guys. How to: run in the same direction, then accelerate and sharply turn towards him. However, if he does that first, you will die. But when you are a tadpole, you have nothing to lose.

3. Encircle small slitherers, coils tighten as the time passes, dooming your prey. Careful for gangbangs and don’t get encircled yourself.

4. When you have 4000 size or more (possible with 2k, but more is recommended), travel to the edge of the world. It’s where afk slitherers travel. Catch them and encircle: they are predictable and don’t accelerate. However, there is AI that tries to prevent collisions.




Tips for idiots:
– Take opportunities only as they come
– Don’t be ballsy
– When you start getting really big, your handling gets super ass, the worst thing that can happen to you is getting boxed in
– Keep other slitherers off of you, pretend to go on the offensive, they’ll probably get scared
– When in doubt, just turn around and go the other way, the most important thing is to keep living
– Wall off clumps of food
– One dead slitherer’s worth of food is not worth risking a death over