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This is a lot of the stuff I’ve learned through playing this game, nonstop, for many hours. If you have any suggestions, feel free to write them in the comments. Let’s get started.

  • 1. Joining the Game
    1. Type into your browser’s address bar. This will bring you to the game.
    2. Type in a nickname. This will be shown near your head for all players EXCEPT YOU, and this will also be shown if you get on the leaderboard. You can leave this blank, and there will be nothing near your head and empty space if you are on the leaderboard.
    3. Click PLAY, and have fun!
  • 2. Changing Your Worm Appearance
    1. You can change your worm appearance to many different skins. These skins are:
      • Purple
      • Blue
      • Cyan
      • Lime
      • Yellow
      • Orange
      • Pink
      • Red
      • Magenta
      • American Flag
      • White, Blue, and Red (Russian flag colors)
      • Black, Red, and Yellow (German flag colors)
      • Red, White, and Green (Italian flag colors)
      • Blue, White, and Red (France flag colors)
      • White and Red (Poland flag colors)
      • Rainbow (all single colored skins in small amounts, repeating)
      • Blue and Yellow (Ukraine flag color)
      • White and Blue (Greece flag colors)
      • Red and White (Denmark/Turkey flag colors)
      • Reddit Snoo (White worm w/ orange eyes and a snoo bulb coming from head)
    2. To access these skins, click one of the buttons on the start page that says Share on Twitter or Share on Facebook (in the bottom right). Once shared, all of these skins will become available, accessible through a button in the bottom left of the start page called Change Skin.
  • 2.1 Other Cool Stuff on the Start Page
    1. The buttons entitled Share on Twitter and Share on Facebook are still there, in the bottom right corner. You can use these any time.
    2. On the middle of the bottom side, there is purple text saying contact us. This will proceed to a page which states the email of’s developer team, which is lowtechenterprises (AT) gmail (DOT) com
    3. There is green underlined text on the top right of the page saying What feature should be added next?, which leads to a poll with various new features that may be added. Be sure to vote!
    4. There is splash text just above the nickname text box, which rotates between the following phrases:
      • Don’t run into other snakes!
      • When longer, hold the mouse for a speed boost!
      • Eat to grow longer!
  • 3. How to Play: The Basics
    1. After clicking PLAY, you will be teleported inside the game arena. You will start with 10 length, which is visible in the bottom left corner of the screen (formatted as Your length: 10.0. There is also a counter of your current rank in the server (for example, if you are in 124th place out of 512 people, it will show asYour rank: 124 of 512).
    2. There is a minimap on the bottom right corner of the screen. It shows as a circle, with many gray pixels. The gray pixels indicate activity (with more around the center). If you traverse to the edge of the minimap and travel off of the map, past the thick red line, you will die.
    3. The mouse is used to control this game, and ONLY THE MOUSE. Move your mouse cursor in the direction you want to go. Your worm will follow, along with its tail.
    4. There is text in the top left of the screen, displaying the day’s longest worm. It looks like: Today’s longest: 123456.7
    5. All worms move at the same speed.
  • 3.1 How to Play: Growing Longer
    1. There are many small glowing circles of different colors, and many big glowing circles of different colors. Running into these circles will give you length (IT WILL NOT KILL YOU). This length will range from 0.1-5 for the small circles, and 5-20 for the big circles. There is also a moving, glowing circle. Running into this circle (which is hard and requiresboosting) will give you approximately 60-100 length.
  • 3.1.1 Advanced Moving and Growing: Boosting
    1. If you hold down LEFT CLICK, your worm will start to glow and you will go faster than a regular worm. This is useful for many killing strategies. However, while boosting, you lose around 10 length per second. This length is transformed into circles that are left as a trail behind the tail of your worm.
  • 3.2 How to Play: Killing
    1. In this game, the main source of mass is obtained by killing other worms. To do this, another worm’s head must run into your worm’s body. This is usually performed by moving in front of someone and cutting them off.
    2. Then, the worm that was killed will explode into many glowing circles, which are located where the worm died. Anyone can come and eat these circles for length, not just you.
    3. In this same fashion, you can also die, if you run into another worm’s body with your head. This will explode you into many glowing circles, and return you to the start page.
    4. HOWEVER, you CAN RUN INTO YOURSELF. You will not die when running into yourself.
  • 3.2.1 How to Play: Advanced Killing Techniques
    1. In this section, I will talk about advanced killing techniques used in
  • Advanced Killing Techniques: The Boa Constrictor
    1. The Boa Constrictor is a move used to trap smaller worms inside you, by making a complete circle around them.
    2. If you can completely encircle a smaller worm, they are trapped. Keep making this circle smaller until they have to hit your body and they die. Great strategy for big worms to kill little ones.
  • Advanced Killing Techniques: The Cutoff
    1. This is a simple move that is great for killing huge worms, by cutting off their movement path.
    2. If a worm is going straight without anything in its immediate vicinity, use your boost to go in front of their head, preventing them from moving forward. This will kill many worms that have slow reaction times.
    3. You can also make a “U” shape around their head to prevent them from turning and get the guaranteed kill, however this is dangerous and sometimes results in you dying. Use with caution.
  • 3.3 Strategies for Staying Alive and Growing Huge
    1. If you are small, TAKE RISKS! You can ALWAYS respawn! Go for someone’s dead body on the ground. Try to cut off a HUGE worm. Because if you fail, it’s OKAY! You can ALWAYS RESPAWN!
    2. If you are big, choose your battles wisely. If a huge worm dies in front of you, don’t boost down its whole body. You will have a VERY HIGH chance of dying from smaller worms trying to scavenge for food. Take what you can, and wait for a bigger snake to die.
    3. For ALL SIZES! If you are surrounded by many worms, you can play very defensively by circling inside yourself, or making a figure 8 with your worm until there is an opening to leave. This is a good strategy, but beware of other worms trying to use the Boa Constrictor strategy on you.