| Eat Your OWN TAIL! | Eat Your OWN TAIL!

Today i tried an counter intuitive strategy, so far I’ve only been beaten by my own greed, not by being outplayed or being out numbered, I’ve never been encircled and constricted, reached 60k multiple times;

  1. get top 15 mass (I know, it isn’t a full strategy, it is end game strategy)
  2. get to the middle
  3. eat your own tail, while doing this make an as big as possible circle
  4. patience
  5. if something close by dies eat it, but don’t go that far that you break formation, don’t take risks, we are playing the long game
  6. more patience

Generally the middle is devoid of big players; the turnover is just to great for most to get big. Eating your own tail means you can’t be cut off by small fry because you are protected by your own tail. you can’t get bad luck and run into 4 small fry with no way to escape because you couldn’t see far enough, you always have your own fate in hand.

the downside is; it is really, really, REALLY slow, you’ll see snakes die next to you and you have to let them go because you don’t want to be break formation, remember, you are in the center with a whole lot of small fry, breaking formation is the only way you can lose

the troll-side is; snakes will spawn within you….sucks for them because opening up for them is dangerous and they are not worth constricting, they have to die to you anyway if they want to restart.

Why can’t you get encircled? technically you can, it just doesn’t happen, first because like i said, the middle is very devoid of big players because the chance to die is just too high. Secondly if they try to encircle you they open them selves up to being cut of by small fry; they have to press themselves against you to constrict you, but to do that they have no escape from anyone to the outside, when they do try this is when you get to eat most; close encircling death is easy to eat with no risk and no need to break formation

why the middle? there is food there; and since it is a slow strategy all little bits help. secondly; there is the most death here, eat 10% of a dead snake here and there and it will add up.

How much of your own tail do you eat? i haven’t figured it out yet; of course you don’t want to eat to much; since your circle will get smaller and can get encircled, you don’t want to eat to little because it give you little space to eat around you without breaking formation

edit; if you do it right, you never use your speed up ability.