Make Your Snake Bigger Than the Rest

Make Your Snake Bigger Than the Rest

Make Your Snake Bigger Than the Rest falls in to that category of games that are quite easy to pick up, but take quite a bit of skill to master. Become bigger is your goal in, but to do so while surviving is no easy task. Here’s a few tips and tricks that might help turn things into your favour. If you continue to die even after all these, remember that practice and a bit of luck are your friends. Tips and Tricks



#1 Stay by the Big Guys. Big snakes make big kills, and you want to be around when those big kills are being made, so you can eat up the orbs in their wake and grow big. This is because when you’re small, you’re a lot more nimble and can manoeuvre better than the big snakes, which means that you can quickly eat up the stuff they can’t even get to.

#2 Boost when you’re small. There’s advocates for and against boosting in this game, but we believe it’s a good idea to boost when you’re small, so you can quickly snatch up the orbs left behind by kills made by big snakes. But that’s only as long as you’re small…

#3 Stop boosting once you’re big. Once you’re big, you need to move slower to avoid running into snakes. You are now a lumbering giant, so act like one. You should move slow once you’re around 1,000 points big, and then move even slower once you’re 10,000 points big. At that point, you should just rely on other people’s mistakes to carry you through.

#4 Get Multi-Kills when you can. Don’t just encircle one snake, encircle multiple snakes. You should especially do this after you’ve made a kill and you see other snakes rushing to grab your victim’s remains. Roll around them like you’re a living piece of sushi and get those precious multi-kills.

What are your favourite tips and tricks for Let us know in the comments below.